Lay back, relax and enjoy the wonderful physical sensations, the undivided attention you receive. Dream away on the quiet music and completely shut yourself off from the busy outside world and experience a sense of timelessness and deep relaxation. Reconnect with yourself, you don't have to give, only receive. And we take our time for this (+/- 120 minutes for a full body massage). No rush, but enjoy the body sensations on your own pace.

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Gert De Ceuster
Massage therapist

"It is my intention to let you experience the inner peace, which is so important for us all, through my massages. That is why I am so grateful that through the power of touch I can bring the other person back in contact with his or her body and feelings. In my atmospheric massage room you get the time to completely close yourself off from the busy outside world, to feel at ease, to dream away with soft music and to fully unwind. While I give you my undivided attention from my heart, you can come back to yourself at your own pace and enjoy the bodily sensations. You don't have to give, you can just receive." Read more about me.

You are welcome!

The various massages

Mindfulness relaxation massage

A full body massage with warm oil (including face and feet).
+/- 120 min - 90 Euro

This soothing massage with wonderfully scented warm oil is meant to completely relax the body and mind, restore balance and let the energy flow again.

Lomi Lomi massage

A full Hawaiian body massage with warm oil (long strokes with forearms).
+/- 120 min - 95 Euro

Lomi Lomi is a very beautiful Hawaiian massage form that mainly involves massaging with the forearms and applying long and flowing massage movements with a generous amount of warm oil.

D-Stress body massage

Full body massage with warm oil (face is excluded)
+/- 90 min - 80 Euro

During this relaxing body massage you will be massaged from head to toe with delicious scented warm oil (face is excluded).

Partial massage back-neck-shoulders-arms-face

A massage with warm oil from the back, neck, shoulders, arms and face
+/- 60 min - 65 Euro

This massage is fantastic when you don't have too much time, but you still want to feel fit and vital again.

Pregnancy massage

Massage with warm oil
+/- 100 min - 90 Euro

This massage is a very pleasant way to relieve the body that is working so hard during pregnancy.

Welcome in my temple

Massage at home

Do you prefer to be massaged in your trusted environment? That's possible, I'll come to you. You only need a room that can be heated well and where there is room for my massage table (+/- 2.5m x 4m). I'll bring everything necessary. You can choose between the existing massages. A surplus of 25 Euro will be requested for each massage. This contains the transport and time for setting up and breaking down the massage table.

The massage at home is only given if you live within a radius of 15 km and when it is easy to park in the vicinity of your home.

Relaxation requires comfort

A massage is in the first place delighthtful and relaxing but this requires that you are 100% comfortable. That is why want to fully focus on the comfort of my clients by using the best materials. The mattress of the massage table is thick, wide and long so that you lie soft and large people will also fit on the table.

In addition, my massage table is equipped with the Felxrest headrest from Earthlite. This is ergonomically designed for superior comfort. The top quality face cushion, made from a layer of airy gel and fiberglass in combination with a memory foam layer, provides the perfect support for the face. This means that you can stay on your stomach for a long time without your face starting to hurt.

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