Who am I?

Gert De Ceuster
Massage therapist


In October 2015 I walked a piece of the Camino de Santiago. After a long career as a software engineer, I felt exhausted, was tired of work and needed a general "reset". I felt a strong urge to go back to basics, away from the daily routine and the material comfort that we have become so used to. Just completely disconnect to reflect on life. A pilgrimage is ideal for that. The only thing I planned was not to plan. I wanted to follow my heart, travel on intuition and let everything depend on chance and synchronicities.

Reaching Compostela is not really what matters. It is the journey itself, being on the road, enjoying the connection with nature and the special encounters with like-minded people that make the Camino a fantastic experience. By disconnecting I became more attuned to myself and it seemed as if I encountered all kinds of magical coincidences on the Camino.

It was an experience that left an indelible impression on me and during and after the walk it became clear to me that, as a highly sensitive person, It was my desire to rely more on my feelings and intuition. I needed to restore the balance between the mental and the emotional aspect in my body and life. Because of my job as a software developer, I was working too much mentally and lost the connection with my body. The sensitive person in me remained hungry and the need for a more meaningful way of life became more pressing.

The walk to Santiago was therefore the start of a partial career switch. I started following various massage courses and coaching courses. It soon became clear to me that this was what I needed to restore that balance and bring more peace in my head. Not only did I find a new passion in massaging, but I also discovered that, when giving a massage with full attention, my mind also becomes quite and calme and that I am much more able to feel my body.

It is my intention to let you experience the inner peace, which is so important for us all, through my massages. That is why I am so grateful that through the power of touch I can bring the other person back in contact with his or her body and feelings. In my atmospheric massage room you get the time to completely close yourself off from the busy outside world, to feel at ease, to dream away with soft music and to fully unwind. While I give you my undivided attention from my heart, you can come back to yourself at your own pace and enjoy the bodily sensations. You don't have to give, you can just receive.

You are welcome!


I did the following courses:

Massage trainings:

  • Relaxation massage
  • Anatomy
  • Indian pressure point massage
  • Mindfulness massage
  • Samudra massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Chinese head-neck-shoulder massage
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Massage week in France with Kiom where the following techniques were practiced
    • Cupping massage
    • Trigger point massage
    • Five element massage
    • Bamboo massage
    • Facial massage
    • Hollistic pulsing
  • Abdominal massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Lomi Lomi massage basic
  • Lomi Lomi massage advanced

Coaching opleidingen:

  • Basic Coaching (Open Mind)
  • Integral coaching Essentials (Open Mind)
  • Integral coaching Pro (Open Mind)
  • System and family constellation coach Essentials (Open Mind)
  • System and family constellation coach Pro (Open Mind)
  • Clear observation (Open Mind)
  • Trauma healing Essentials (Open Mind)
  • ACT (Acceptance en commitment therapie, ACT-Academie)


The various massages

Mindfulness relaxation massage

A full body massage with warm oil (including face and feet).
+/- 120 min - 80 Euro

This soothing massage with wonderfully scented warm oil is meant to completely relax the body and mind, restore balance and let the energy flow again.

Lomi Lomi massage

A full Hawaiian body massage with warm oil (long strokes with forearms).
+/- 120 min - 80 Euro

Lomi Lomi is a very beautiful Hawaiian massage form that mainly involves massaging with the forearms and applying long and flowing massage movements with a generous amount of warm oil.

D-Stress body massage

Full body massage with warm oil
+/- 80 min - 70 Euro

During this relaxing body massage you will be massaged from head to toe with delicious scented warm oil (face is excluded).

Partial massage back-neck-shoulders-arms-face

A massage with warm oil from the back, neck, shoulders, arms and face
+/- 60 min - 55 Euro

This massage is fantastic when you don't have too much time, but you still want to feel fit and vital again.

Pregnancy massage

Massage with warm oil
+/- 90 min - 75 Euro

This massage is a very pleasant way to relieve the body that is working so hard during pregnancy.

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