A massage for the first time?


Have you never experiencend a massage before? Below I'll explain how a relaxation massage works. Nothing will ever happen that you find unpleasant. I am here to offer you a wonderful and relaxing experience and will do everything to put you at ease.

Introduction and anamnesis

On your first appointment I'll have a conversation with you to get acquainted and to find out what your wishes are. I will also conduct a brief history in which I request a number of data from you that are important for a responsible and safe treatment. This includes questions about your lifestyle, physical complaints, possible illnesses and allergies.

Preparation for the massage

I will tell you briefly how the massage will be given. It is wise to go to the toilet before the massage, so that you can enjoy your massage undisturbed. Then the preparation for the massage begins.

Benefits of no clothes

Massaging becomes easier with as little clothing as possible. In this way, long massage movements are possible, from top to bottom. These types of massage movements help you to feel better connected to your entire body. After a few massages you will find that you accept your own body more easily and that you feel freer and more relaxed. This brings out the deep relaxation that I want to achieve with the massage even better. By taking off all your clothing, you will not suffer from oil stains in clothing or underwear that are difficult to remove. If you find yourself completely unpleasant or unsafe, you can of course keep your underwear on. I take everyone's limits into account.

On the massage table

I will leave the room before the start of the massage so that you can undress. Then you lie on your stomach on the massage table. When you're done I will come back and cover your body completely with towels, so that you will feel warm and comfortable. Only that part of the body that is being massaged is exposed and when I turn around on the massage table I hold a towel over you. During the session I will not talk to you, so you can relax deeply. Soothing music sounds in the background. If you want to talk, you can. If you experience discomfort during the session, let me know immediately.

The end of the massage

You should be deeply relaxed after the massage and sometimes even in a dreamy, meditative state. You can just stay there for a while. I then leave the room and after 5 minutes I will return to lightly remove the oil by giving strokes over the towel. Then I leave the room and you get all the time to get off the table and get dressed. Stand up slowly and sit quietly before you get up to prevent dizziness. You say goodbye and go home. Beware: take it easy on the way, because you may still be very relaxed. Sometimes it seems like you are coming from 'far'.

Tip:drink some extra water after the massage to better remove waste released by the massage and to prevent headaches.

The various massages

Mindfulness relaxation massage

A full body massage with warm oil (including face and feet).
+/- 120 min - 80 Euro

This soothing massage with wonderfully scented warm oil is meant to completely relax the body and mind, restore balance and let the energy flow again.

Lomi Lomi massage

A full Hawaiian body massage with warm oil (long strokes with forearms).
+/- 120 min - 80 Euro

Lomi Lomi is a very beautiful Hawaiian massage form that mainly involves massaging with the forearms and applying long and flowing massage movements with a generous amount of warm oil.

D-Stress body massage

Full body massage with warm oil
+/- 80 min - 70 Euro

During this relaxing body massage you will be massaged from head to toe with delicious scented warm oil (face is excluded).

Partial massage back-neck-shoulders-arms-face

A massage with warm oil from the back, neck, shoulders, arms and face
+/- 60 min - 55 Euro

This massage is fantastic when you don't have too much time, but you still want to feel fit and vital again.

Pregnancy massage

Massage with warm oil
+/- 90 min - 75 Euro

This massage is a very pleasant way to relieve the body that is working so hard during pregnancy.

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